Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eating While Out of Town

We went out of town (to Arizona) for a few days because my father in law had a stroke this past week.  He has had a few strokes in the past but each time he seems to get worse.  This time he lost much of his eyesight and his  equilibrium is way off.  He is very disoriented at times and completely lucid at other times.  Doctors said there isn't much they can do for him.  He is now walking with a walker and bumping into walls often.  He needs assistance doing most things. We ask for prayers for him to be healed, but most importantly the God's will be done in his life!  ♥

While we were away I did my best to eat as healthy as possible.  I made chicken breast sandwiches on whole wheat, packed carrots, watermelon, cucumber slices and oranges along with a bunch of water bottles in an ice chest.

I was able to stick to eating all the things I had packed up until Sunday morning.  Even though they had cookies, chocolate cake and Twinkies in their house, I was able to ignore them.  However, on Sunday morning my mother-in-law made us biscuits and gravy.  At this point, it was not about my having will power.  Being that the family was dealing with this health issue, and my father-in-law is in the worst shape we have ever seen him... the fact that my mother-in-law made us our favorite breakfast during this time, I felt that being rude to her efforts and telling her no to breakfast would have been inappropriate.  I decided to eat one and a half biscuits with just a little gravy.  I happen to know that her gravy is made from packaged (processed) ingredients.  I hoped it wouldn't be that big of a deal.

By Sunday evening, my stomach was in major knots.  I was having tons of intestinal cramping, felt like I had to "GO" bad, but nothing came out (sorry for the details)...  I haven't had that kind of stomach issue in a long time.  I went an entire month without putting any processed foods into my body, and pretty much the second I did,  my stomach felt ABSOLUTELY horrible!!!  The yucky stomach and intestinal issues literally lasted through Sunday night and the entire day Monday.  Needless to say, getting all of the "JUNK" out of my body has been really good for me... But, putting some of that crap back into my body was a horrible horrible idea and it was so not worth it.  

I need to figure out a way to politely say no, even in difficult situations.  It is hard to bring our own food with us everywhere we go.  Eating at home is easy, it's so much harder when we get away from the house.  

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