Thursday, May 10, 2012

Officially One Month of Eating Right

Yesterday marked one full month of my choosing to eat completely right.  Well, other than one meal (biscuits and gravy, when we were at my in-laws, which tortured my stomach!!!).  Otherwise, during the entire month I did make all healthy food choices and managed to avoid junk food, processed food, fried food and desserts.  I have learned to say no to the many things I used to just say yes to.  I was amazed how many times during the month people offered me things where I had to say "No Thank You".

Fruits and vegetables are much more a part of my life than they used to be!  I find that they are quite satisfying (most of the time).  Sure I still have an occasional craving, but it has become pretty easy to get past them.

I am happy to say I have lost a total of eight pounds.  Since this challenge has not been about weight loss, the 8 pounds is a total bonus!  I do feel healthier and I definitely have more energy!!!


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