Shopping Tips

  • Most of your healthy items will be found around the perimeter of your store... (i.e. Fresh Fruit, Veggies, Fresh Meats, Poultry & Fish, and dairy products)  Keep in mind you should still read all of the ingredients on the packaging of meats and dairy as some have things like fillers and hormones added (such as cheap meat, cheap milk and commercial eggs).  Organics are always best, but when you can't get organic you should look for items that are minimally processed.  Produce is always best when it is organically grown or locally grown.  
  • Have you ever wondered why some of the fruit that you buy at your grocery store is super bland or mush?  Major food markets buy much of their produce from other countries.  They pick it way too soon (before it's anywhere near ripe) so it has time to travel via cargo... and then they gas it to ripen it.  Yes they actually have rooms that they gas the fruit in.  I don't know all of the details but I know it is not natural... so I recommend getting fruit that is grown organically (no pesticides and picked at the right time), or fruit that is grown locally (picked at the right time).  Organic does cost a little more but it tastes much better and is way better for you!  
  • There are several health food and nutritionally conscious grocery stores.  Whole Foods Market is an international retailer of high quality natural and organic products.  Here in California we also have Sprouts Farmers Market and Trader Joe's (also nation wide).  Most areas have some sort of health food store.  You can also find organics in many major grocery chains.  There is a limited selection but they do have some.  I do my normal shopping at a Southern California grocery store called "Stater Brothers".  They have an entire line of organic products called "Full Circle".  We have tried many of their products and we love everything we have tried.  I love the Full Circle Organic Cereals.  Full Circle uses vitamin E as the preservative in their packaged products.  A box of their Organic cereal is only $2.99 so it is completely reasonable!!!  I love the Raisin Bran and the Honey Nut Oats.
More tips to come soon...

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