Thursday, April 12, 2012

Challenge Eat Right - Day 3

It is now day 3.  This was an interesting day and it had the most challenges  that I've had to face  so far. The first half of the day was normal and my eating right was pretty easy.  When It came time for dinner, we were away from home and it was much harder to make wise decisions.  Below you can see what I had to do and how I coped with it.

Day 3 - Menu
  • Breakfast - Organic Oatmeal, added raisins, cinnamon and water
  • Lunch -  Tuna & Alfalfa Sprouts on whole wheat bread, a few potato chips on the side (ingredients in the chips: potato, canola oil, salt)
  • Snack - Baby Carrots and Handful of Raw Almonds.
  • Dinner - This is where things got tricky.  My food dilemma of the day was to control myself and only chose items that were healthy that had a less likelihood of having crud in them.  Since we were at a charity event away from home, dinner at home was not an option.  We were at the event for five hours and I had to eat something.  Dinner and desserts were both being served.  I had to eat a little something, but I had to make wise choices.  In the early part of the evening people were walking around with hor d'oeurve platters offering a variety of tasty bites to everyone.  So many of them looked amazing, but I knew I had to pass.  One of the servers came up to my husband and I and offered her item to us.  It had feta cheese and onion inside of bread.  She said "just try it, it's healthy and it's like only one calorie... yeah right!  I know better!!  Nothing is only one calorie!  But my husband tasted it, and he said it was amazing.  He said it's just cheese and onion, just try one. Yeah, with a little bread, okay okay just one.  It was a tiny bite size morsel of amazing tasting goodness.  So, I had just one more... two all together.   So now, I'm feeling a little guilty.  I knew the cheese thing wasn't totally on my Eat Right Plan, since i'm trying to truly eat whole foods.  The cheese and crackers was definitely pushing it, but not a total failure, it was my splurge for the night.  As the dinner was set up as a buffet we got to go through the line and choose what we wanted.  I had a couple pieces of fresh salmon sashimi (they were rolled up to look like little roses) and they tasted teriffic.  Next I got a small piece of beef tenderloin and a small piece of turkey breast,  I skipped the fufu salads because I had no way of knowing what had gone into them. I grabbed a few wheat crackers and some guda cheese.  I figured I'd cut up my meat, put it on a cracker with a dab of cheese... and it worked.  It actually tasted very good.  There was a  Carpaccio platter and a tempura bar where they had all sorts of vegetables battered with tempura and dipping sauces.  I admit I love tempura, and I wanted some, but I passed on it.  My meal was completed with a handful of grapes.
All was going pretty well, right until they put out the dreaded dessert table.  I had to at least look at them... and I counted eight different desserts.  No cheap little desserts that are easy to pass on, but real decadent amazing desserts.  There were three different chocolate desserts and I wish I could have tried every one!  There was also a lemon bar of some kind, a cheesecake dessert, chocolate covered strawberries and a couple of others.  My husband ate each of the desserts and proceeded to tell me what he thought of each one.  He tells me, "The fudge brownie was really good but that chocolate fudge cake pop with the gooey melted chocolate inside is amazing... He said it was AMAZING... So not fair!  Him talking about that did get my tastebuds going quite a bit.  My mouth was wattereing like crazy and I wanted it, but I said NO.  (Thank you Lord for giving me the willpower to say NO, because I know, that in and of myself I couldn't do that on my own!).  I  drank a bottle of water instead and just watched him eat all of those calories.  I admit I was tempted, but I was able to resist.

One day at at time, step by step, I can and I will do this!

Until next time,
Healthy Eating!


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