Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stone World Bistro - Organic Healthy Dining

So over the weekend we went to San Diego for my brothers birthday and we were invited to go out to dinner at a place called Stone World Bistro & Gardens.  So I was thinking, oh great, another meal "out to dinner"... What will I eat?  The night before we went I decided to go onto the website of the place and see if there was anything I could possibly eat.  When I got to their site I couldn't believe what I found.  I read their philosophy on food (see below):


At Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens, we use in-season, locally, regionally, and organically grown produce. We do this not just for the simple principles of freshness and sustainability, but also because fresh, local and organic tastes better. It's also better for you and the world in which we live. It shouldn't be surprising to hear that we also use 100% naturally raised meats. The same fresh/artisanal/natural standard goes for all our food. It does cost more, and our prices reflect some of that reality. However, we also feel it is the much, much better way to go.

I was so excited after I read that!!!  I have never seen anything like it on a restaurants menu or website!!!  I was completely thrilled... I could actually go out to eat and enjoy what I was eating and not have to worry.  My husband and I were able to split a dinner and a salad and the food was completely amazing!!!  Yes, it was a little pricey but it was totally totally worth it!  It is a brewery and a bistro, but I chose to drink only water with lemon (my drink of choice).  It is about 80 miles from our home, but I know I will eventually go back!

I wish there were more places like this that actually cared about the quality of what they were serving to their guests!  Maybe over time there will be more... In the meantime, If you are ever in the Escondido, San Diego area... definitely grab a meal at this place!  You won't be disappointed!!!

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