Monday, April 23, 2012

What to Eat? Engagement Party

This weekend my husband and I went to an engagement party and again came the dilemma!  What can I eat???  I was smart and planned ahead and ate a tuna & veggies sandwich before we left our house.  But knowing that there would be lots of food and drinks at the party, I wondered what it would be like for me.  Eating right when I am at home has become pretty easy... It's when we go out that it becomes much more difficult!

When we got there, they had all sorts of snacks out on the counter... Margaritas were mixing in the blender and there was a huge chocolate cake (which happens to be my favorite).  I could easily skip on the Doritos and snacks that I saw, and I could handle drinking only water while everyone else drank margaritas... but that cake was going to be a major challenge!!!  It was pretty much calling my name.

We didn't know what their plan for dinner was, but after we arrived we were told we were having barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs with all of the fixings.  It's a good thing I had eaten a sandwich a couple hours before!  Honestly I haven't had a hot dog in probably a year.  And I know they are full of nothing but crap!  But something about the smell of hot dogs cooking on a barbecue seriously made me want one.  Of course I didn't have one, but it did smell very good.  So while everyone ate their burgers, dogs, chips and potato salad.  I took two pieces of lettuce and put a tomato and some onion in the middle, then rolled it all up and ate it like a burrito.  The picture below is my plate just before I rolled it together.  I also had a piece of watermelon and a piece of cantaloupe.  I had to say NO to so many things that I wanted, but knew I could not have.  Obviously the lettuce and tomato were not likely organic, but when you are out you have to just make the best choices that you can.

As the evening progressed, I did allot of people watching and I noticed that many people are social eaters... several of them were nibbling on chips for the majority of the four hours that we were there.  It was interesting to see.  It made me wonder if I would be doing that same thing, if I wasn't being conscious of every bite I was taking?

I had handled the evening pretty well up to this point.  I had a few temptations, but had managed to "Just Say NO"!  My husband and I were thinking of leaving when we were told "No, you can't leave until we cut the cake"... Uhg... did we have to stay for that???  No offense, but I'd rather not be around when they cut it.  It's way easier to avoid this kind of "BAD food" when it isn't right in your face!!!  Lucky me, my husband decided we should stay a little longer.

As they cake was cut and passed around, I was offered a piece about five different times.  So not only did I have to say "NO", No thank you.... "NO"... and "no" again.... but the smell of chocolate cake and frosting completely permeated the room as it was distributed (torture!!!). Twenty or so people were standing all around me, gorging on this chocolate cake.  It was absolutely the single most difficult moment of this entire past two weeks, since I started "EATING RIGHT"...  For about 15 minutes I was being completely tortured by the smell of that cake and I had to listen to everyone talk about how amazing it tasted.  Even writing about it now, my mouth is salivating... but I am doing this challenge... and I am giving it 100% of everything I can.  So I ended up eating a few grapes and I watched as everyone else indulged in that cake.  It was so NOT EASY!!!  But I can proudly say that I made it through.  Another day of success!

Until next time,
Healthy eating!


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