Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Challenge Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the start of my 60 day "Eat Right Challenge".   I have gone through my pantry and refrigerator and have gotten rid of (thrown away) all items that contain any of the "BAD" ingredients that I listed in the prior post.  After learning about all of the BAD stuff in many of our foods I decided that the trash can was the only suitable place for all of that stuff!  If it isn't good for me to eat, I shouldn't give it to anyone else either.  So it's off to the dump for all of that crud...

I have done my grocery shopping for the week and I am now fully prepared to eat healthy and eat at home.  I bought plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables (many organic, otherwise locally grown).  Also, I have found organic cereal, organic whole wheat penne pasta, organic spaghetti sauce, organic milk and organic eggs.  I have salmon, tuna and organic free range chicken to prepare for our dinners.  I haven't found an organic bread but I've found that the Oroweat Whole Grain Breads are pretty good.  I have yet to go to my local health food store, but I will be checking it out soon!

Part of me is a little bit terrified of all this.  Not the eating healthy part, but the going without some of my favorite foods, missing a couple of my favorite restaurants (sushi, sushi and sushi!!!) and not being about to just go out and get a frozen yogurt.  But, if I am going to do this right, I have to eliminate all of it!  The first couple weeks will be the hardest for me.  Especially going without sushi!  But sushi restaurants use white rice, which is processed rice... and all of those sauces, who knows what all is in them.  I am sad to say goodbye to them all, but I must.  Goodbye sushi... I hope I don't die without you!  Just so you know, I am weak and have sucky willpower, but I can and will do this!  Keep in mind, If I can do this, anyone can!!!

Two of my friends have decided that they are on board for this challenge.  I look forward to hearing from them about their journey and hopefully sharing recipes that we discover with one another.  Tomorrow evening I will let you know how my first day has gone.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter!


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